Recovery from ANYTHING, whether it is an addiction, and/or any other physical, spiritual, emotional or psychological ailment, loss, or injury can at times be discouraging, challenging, frustrating, even pain-staking.

Change indeed can be hard, even when we know we have to do it or we may figuratively and/or literally die. Yet, how often do you avoid or fight change even when you know it is the best thing for you, all the while continuing to do the same things over and over expecting different results? Why do we do it? What is the danger in letting go, in surrendering, or in being blatantly honest with ourselves?

It takes an Ah-Ha Moment.

Have you had one? An Ah-Ha moment when the light went on and you knew that it was time to make that life changing decision for your recovery/healing? Or are you still waiting for that key event that will change the course of your life forever? Is waiting helping you or is it time to look for the lightbulbs?

There is indeed an Ah-Ha moment in recovery where the lightbulb shines brightly in our minds and we realize:


Whether it is to end a relationship,  change your phone or phone number, close a chapter in your life, quit your job and start a new one, get new friends, change your diet, go to more meetings or support groups, forgive your loved ones, or change your perspective. Your Ah-Ha moment will stand out in your mind forever. It will create a jolt of energy where you will start to feel a clarity like never before!

It will give you the starting point for which to navigate change. But you have to stay open and listen and look for it. It can be a subtle voice inside that says, "It is time." Or a loud, earth changing wake up call that shouts out why you are doing all of this hard work to heal.

Whatever it is, BE OPEN to it. After all, once you have one  Ah-Ha moment, more start to come, especially if you pay close attention. Then the one lightbulb becomes a city of lights with a village of people supporting one another in their recovery.  Be the change, be your Ah-Ha moment!

Remember, you are worth it. Namaste,