The Art of Ecstasy Video Series


“Thank you Candice for providing my spouse and I with a clear and beautiful way to connect non-sexually and sexually.”

“I appreciate Candice’s tasteful discussion of sex and intimacy.”

“I am recently divorced….being able to learn about myself as a sensual being with techniques for connecting to others gave me a sense of confidence I have not felt in a long time.”

“This webinar helped my wife and I learn tasteful ways to experience sex from a new place, outside of my addiction.”

“Candice makes talking about sex and sensuality safe and fun!”

“As a therapist, this webinar helped me in my own relationship and will help me with clients who need help with their own sexuality and intimacy. Great resource!”

This beautiful pre-recorded 12-session webinar will improve your ability to experience intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure on a whole new level! Individuals, couples or those in a variety of relationships will learn a whole new way of thinking and experiencing sensuality and sexuality that is awe-inspiring!

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Mastering the Trauma Wound Workbook

This workbook provides individuals with an easy to follow road map for navigating gently through traumatic life events towards inner peace and mental freedom. By identifying the various experiences of trauma that each person has endured -which Candice defines broadly as The Trauma Wound- readers find validation in knowing that while their painful experiences were and are real, there is hope in recovering who they truly are. While the impact of trauma manifests in a variety of ways, Candice has realized the connection between trauma and addiction. The understanding of this important connection is present throughout this workbook. Her list of Mindful-Based Support Tools, easy to follow exercises, and Resiliency Formula provides readers with simple, clearly defined steps for handling moment-to-moment past trauma triggers while staying present in the gift of here and now.

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