At Namasté Center for Healing, we assist individuals in learning how to recover their true selves, their relationships, and their lives. 


Our vision is to help individuals, couples and families in achieving lasting recovery from addictions, aversions, and trauma so much so that the course of their lives are changed for generations to come. 

Namaste’s Expert Integrative Team

We guarantee the best in patient care by our experts in the field of trauma and intimacy recovery. As an outpatient treatment center, our patients work with multiple providers on our team for individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as in the various classes, intensives and workshops we provide. Therefore, our team works closely together to ensure our patients address all aspects of their recovery to achieve lasting wellness. 

We also collaborate with medical doctors, functional medicine practitioners, a yoga therapy expert, Debbie Coleman, LCMHC, PRYT of Phoenix Rising Yoga (801-747-9534, dclpc@xmission.com), and acupuncturists at Qiworks Community Acupuncture(http://www.qiworkscommunityacupuncture.com). This is part of our commitment to ensuring that our patients recover their bodies as much as their minds and spirits. Most of our patients experience exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, poor sleep and nutrition, and other physical issues related to past or current trauma, multiple addictions, and deprivation/aversion issues. Our multi-disciplinary team is successful in supporting individuals and their families in healing in mind, spirit, and body. 

Meet Our Team

Candice Christiansen, M.Ed., LCMHC, Founder, Clinical Director

Candice is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist(CSAT)-Supervisor, a Certified EMDR Trauma Therapist, a Gottman Leader,  a Certified Abel Assessor, a Forensic Expert, and a National and an International Consultant on Global Prevention Initiatives who has worked in the mental health arena for close to 20 years. She is also the founder of The Global Prevention Project, a non-profit organization (thepreventionproject.org) and The Love Ed. Movement™ (theloveedmovement.org). She also developed Helping Generation Sext.™ a Global Prevention-Intervention Model for Youth©2017. 

In 2014, Candice expanded her group practice to form Namasté Center for Healing with the intention of assisting adult complex trauma survivors, people with addictions/aversions, including their spouses and families in finding freedom from suffering, learning how to be at peace with themselves, and adopt healthy tools for lasting relationships. 

Candice is the author of Mastering The Trauma Wound©2016 (Amazon.com). She has been published in the Salt Lake Tribune,  CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist) Magazine, Talkspace.com, and Dose.com, writing about various topics including: The Truth Sex Addiction, Pornography Addiction, depression in men and women, coping with grief, and dealing with anxiety. She is Fox 13's The Place relationship expert where she shares her expertise on various issues related to intimacy, sex, and healthy relationships. Candice has  contributed her expertise on www.addictionwise.com, an on-line support for families of loved ones with drug/alcohol addiction. Her 2016 blog: Denial of Sex Addiction Hurts Our Clients gained mass attention among the various "sex" therapy camps.  

Candice is a Consultant for the International Institute of Trauma and Addictions Professionals and on the Utah Mental Health Counselor Association's (UMHCA) Board, the Utah Coalition Against Pornography (UCAP) board,  is part of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health's (SASH) Conference Committee, and a proud member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuser's (ATSA) Global Prevention Committee.

Candice is a strong voice in the sexual/relationship/trauma recovery global community. She believes that everyone deserves to heal and passionately strives to help those interested in doing so achieve lasting wellness via her specialized programs. 

Candice has hand picked and developed each of the members on our clinical team by providing weekly supervision, on-going consultation, and training with both her and national consultants as well as sending our team to both EMDR training through the EMDR Institute and Sex Addiction Training throughout IITAP. 

Meg Martinez,Program Director, M.S., LACMHC, ASAT-C 

Meg Martinez is an LACMHC, an ASAT candidate, and our Program Director. She is currently training at IITAP's institute with  Dr. Carnes team of global relationship and sex experts to become a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. She has worked in the mental health field in several arenas with children, teens, and families dealing with substance abuse, trauma, and sex-specific issues, specifically teens with sexual offending behavior in the criminal justice system. Meg is well versed in child welfare and the legal issues that arise from addictive behaviors and has aided families in overcoming these struggles on their road to recovery. Through her work with Juvenile Justice Services with the juvenile boys who offended sexually for 3+ years and then for the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) working to overcome addiction, strengthen families, and provided safety and stability to children she has learned the importance of “Prevention” as a healthy intervention related to addiction and harmful behavior.

Meg oversees our outpatient and intensive programs at Namasté as well as The Prevention Project™ Utah, USA (thepreventionproject.org).  She works closely with Candice on program and curriculum development, as well as presents with her on a  local, national,, and international level.

Meg facilitates our Monday men’s sexual & co-occurring recovery groups, provides couples counseling with some of our more challenging clients, provides DBT and mindfulness based resourcing to trauma survivors including betrayed partners,  and works with some of our more challenging clients who are in the legal system. Meg currently serves on the NOJOS (juvenile sex offender) board and the NOJOS discharge committee. 


Jill Seely, CMHC, CSAT, EMDR Trained, Partner & Trauma Expert

Jill Seely, M.S., LCMHC, CSAT is a part time clinician at Namasté. She has trained with Dr. Patrick Carnes through his program, the International Insititute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. Jill is an EMDR trauma expert who provides EMDR therapy to both individuals with intimacy disorders, their partners as well as individuals with complex trauma void of any addiction. Jill has worked and trained closely with Candice since 2013.  She graduated with a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix. She has extensive experience working with adult survivors of trauma, sex addicts, betrayed spouses and couples. She and Candice have worked together on couples intensives and workshops. She is an exceptional clinician. 


Rich Andelin, LACMHC, EMDR Trained, ASAT-C, Sex Addiction, Trauma, & Teen Specialist

Rich Andelin, is an LACMHC, ASAT-C, EMDR Trained, and an ASAT candidate who is currently training at the IITAP institute with Dr. Carnes team of global relationship and sex experts to become a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. He has worked in the clinical arena with children, teens, young adults and adults with various addiction issues, including substance abuse and pornography addiction for close to a decade. He has worked in a residential treatment center with youth and young adults providing them tools for healing from family of origin issues, trauma and various addictions; both substance and process. Rich received his Masters in Counseling from the University of Utah in 2015. Rich works with teens, young adults, adults, partners with a variety of intimacy issues including sexual addiction, infidelity, relational conflict, newly married issues, premarital issues, other sexual issues, substance abuse, and trauma.  Rich facilitates our Monday and Thursday Men’s Co-Occurring Disorder group for male sex/love/relationship addicts with other addictions/disorders. He also works with teens and young adults who are on the Autism Spectrum who have problematic sexual behavior, and teens and young adults with various mental health issues.

Jessica Werner.jpg

Jessica Werner, LACMHC, EMDR Trained; Sex Addiction, Trauma, & Teen Specialist

Jessica Werner is an LACMHC, EMDR trained and sex addiction specialist. She is a part time clinician at Namasté. She has a strong clinical background working with children, teens, and adults with trauma, behavioral, and substance abuse/sex addiction issues. She received her Masters of Counseling from Westminster College in 2015. She works with individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum who have problematic sexual behavior. She works closely with Candice and works with some of our more challenging clients with various sexual issues, polyamory, sex addiction, partners of sex addicts, trauma survivors, and individuals with substance abuse/dependence. Jessica leads our female sexual recovery program for women with trauma and various relationships issues with various members on our team. She also treats teens of sex, porn addicted parents as well as teens with problematic porn use, and teens and young adults with various mental health issues (depression, anxiety, opposition, etc).