At Namasté Center for Healing, we assist individuals in learning how to recover their true selves, their relationships, and their lives. 


Our vision is to help individuals, couples, and families in achieving lasting recovery from addictions, aversions, and trauma so much so that the course of their lives are changed for generations to come. 

Namasté's expert team demonstrates a level of integrity, dedication, and commitment to service that is unparalleled in our industry.  

We are often the last stop for men and women who have been to multiple therapists, spent thousands of dollars, and ample amounts of time and energy trying to recover from trauma and/or problematic sexual behavior (i.e, sex or porn addiction, sexual aversion). We are considered the leading experts in our field of trauma and sexual-relationship recovery.  Our treatment program’s clinicians work closely as a team in order to guarantee the absolute best client care. We know from studying research that people need more than once per week of individual therapy to fully heal, especially from addictive behavior. People need an entire support network including peers and experts who understand their struggle. Our team works closely together throughout your treatment to ensure we address all aspects of your recovery so that you are guaranteed to achieve longterm wellness. 

Our Namasté team also collaborates with medical doctors, psychiatrists, as well as functional medicine practitioners at Full Circle Care (801-746-3555) as well as a Phoenix Rising Certified Yoga Therapist Debbie Coleman (801-706-0455; dclpc@xmission.com), and the acupuncturists at Wasatch Community Acupuncture. This is part of our commitment in the healing process to ensure you recover your bodies, minds, and spirits. Most of our clients experience exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, poor sleep and nutrition, and other physical issues related to past or current trauma, multiple addictions, and deprivation/aversion issues. Our multi-disciplinary team approach is successful in supporting you and your family in healing.