Disconnect to Reconnect with Yourself 
By Annie Jacobs and Candice Christiansen

All too often we are rushing through life, running down the list of our to-do’s, while feeling completely overwhelmed. We find ourselves at the end of each day wanting nothing but to be able to fall asleep for a week, but knowing that tomorrow’s early morning is only a few hours away. We rush through our meals, hurry from place to place, and rarely find time for ourselves. When we do find downtime, we mindlessly fill it with electronics, whether that be phones, computers, or TVs. 

Finding time to put down the phone, step away from social media, and turn off Netflix is crucial for our sanity. New studies are coming out every day of how detrimental too much time on electronics can be, including a re-wiring of the brain. In Jean Twenge, PhD book, "IGen", she discusses this issue and how people born after 1995 are starting to socialize and communicate differently because of the technology we now have. We get stuck (and so do our children) in a false social media world where the amount of likes equals your worth and unrealistic expectations are placed on you. There has been an increase in depression and anxiety becauseof technology!

How do we solve this? We start by practicing disconnecting from the technology world and reconnecting to ourselves. Steps to do so include:

1- Find ways to check in with your body, your mind, and your spirit: This can be done in a myriad of ways. Slow down when you’re eating, focus on all of the different flavors in each and every bite. Focus on how warm or cool the beverage is you’re sipping on. Can you feel it run down your throat into your stomach? Spend time outside. Focus on the temperature and what it feels like. Is the sun warm on your skin? Is there a cool breeze tickling your face? What does the grass feel like on your bare feet? Focus on all of your emotions. What are you feeling right now? When was the last time you checked in with yourself? How can you continue to check-in with yourself daily?

One of my favorite ways to check in with my mind and body is through movement. Sometimes the movement is yoga, other times is taking a walk or going for something a little more strenuous, such as a run. Sometimes the movement is more subtle and I just focus on my breathing, focusing on filling and releasing the full capacity of my lungs. 

2-Journal:A great way to connect with yourself and process your emotions is through journaling. Journaling helps connect the emotional mind to the rational/logical mind and helps the brain make sense of your emotions, especially during times of stress or anxiety.

3-Talking with a trusted friend or loved one: This is another great way to help your mind slow down and connect with yourself (and connect to another!). Make sure to do this in person versus over the phone or through text messaging. Being physically around someone to feel their supportive energy is important!

4. Foot zoning: Have you heard of this amazing technique? Candice swears by it! Through acupuncture in one's feet, you are able to heal on an emotional, physical and energetic level. Foot zoning is a wonderful addition to the therapy and work you are already doing to heal! Check out this link for more information: http://heartandsolefzt.com/foot-zoning/what-are-the-benefits-of-foot-zoning/
Candice has a lovely foot zoning practitioner. Email candice@namasteadvice.com for more info on who she recommends. 

5. Walking: Walking creates bilateral stimulation which is also used in EMDR trauma therapy to neutralize disturbing events impact on our brains and bodies and reset our nervous systems to feel more peace and ease.  

Make sure to take time for yourself daily. It doesn’t have to be a large amount of time, 5-10 minutes will do wonders! Do this for yourself.

You are worth it, dear ones, 

Annie and Candice 

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