This post is written by our Trauma-Partner Specialist,  Annie Jacobs, ACMHC, EMDR Trained

How often do you find yourself running around frantically, struggling to catch a break from daily life?  If I asked you if you were stressed, would your immediate response be “yes"?
Stress can look like anything-from work projects piling up to taking the kids to school to fighting with your significant other over anything. Stress can often feel like a plague consuming your life. Sometimes stress is not always negative (positive stress is called eustress), but it can still have a negative effect on you. For example, you may be working on a fun and fulfilling project at work (positive stress), putting in a lot of time and energy to complete it, and find yourself mentally exhausted at the end of the day (negative effect). Whatever the case may be, it is important to recenter and reconnect with yourself on a daily basis

Recentering yourself is one of the best ways to give yourself a boost of energy in order to continue tackling the rest of the day and to become more grounded in what you are doing. 

What does recentering yourself entail? It can look like anything as long as it works for you! How often do you take time to ask yourself what you need in that moment, especially during times of stress? How often do you reconnect with your mind, body, and emotions? This does not need to be a lengthy process AND it is easily achievable in just a few moments! 

Here are few ways I recenter myself throughout the day:

  • Completing a few stretches first thing in the morning (this can be done while still laying in bed!)
  • Taking a few moments after a stressful situation to just breathe and acknowledge how the situation made me feel. 
  • Taking time away from electronics, such as phone, TV, computer. 
  • Eating/drinking something slowly that I enjoy
  • Have a few swallows of cold water and focus on how refreshing it feels.
  • Spending a minute or two outside.
  • Setting a timer for 30 seconds and giving myself a break from whatever I’m doing.

Can you give yourself a moment to moment break throughout the day so you can reconnect with yourself? Remember, it does not have to be a long or lengthy process. It can be simple and short (like 30 seconds!).

Taking the time to recenter yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. You deserve it!


Annie Jacobs, LACMHC,
Namasté's Trauma and Partner Specialist

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