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Individual & Group Therapy

We offer individual and group therapy for men and women with trauma, intimate betrayal, sex and pornography addiction, substance abuse, and other intimacy, relationship issues. Research shows that the most effective  modalities for healing these various issues entail regular, structured programming that includes individual and group therapy. 

We encourage once to twice per week individual therapy due to the extensive nature of our patient's needs, especially in Phase I ("Discovery") of our sexual recovery program in order to gain solid traction in one's recovery. For couples, we encourage weekly to bi-weekly (every other week)90 minutes to 2-hour couples therapy sessions to ensure we address the significant needs of each person. Committed individuals who want to change attend our sexual recovery program weekly for individual and weekly group. Sometimes individuals will attend more frequently, depending on our clinical recommendation and their mental health needs based on ASAM criteria,  (individuals transitioning from inpatient treatment enter our intensive outpatient programming which is 4 treatment episodes times per week minimum). 

Insurance: We are not an in-network insurance program, however, we provide our patients with regular statements and proper insurance coding in order for them to submit for reimbursement. Many of our patients report success in receiving some reimbursement for groups, classes, workshops, intensives, individual and couples therapy. 


We offer affordable weekly groups and classes for men, women, non-binary persons and their partners who are in our sexual/relationship/multiple addiction-aversion recovery program. 

Weekly Men's Sexual/Relationship Recovery Groups: Offered Mondays and Tuesdays for men in Phase 1-2 of our sexual recovery program for sex/porn/love/relationship(affairs)/multiple addiction (substances, money) issues. These are evidence based therapy groups that use Carnes' proven Task-Based Model for sexual recovery. They explore mens cycle of addiction, core beliefs and thinking errors, sexual and relationship boundaries, emotional regulation techniques, healthy interventions, and more. 

On-going Partner Recovery Group: Join Annie as she provides women with coping tools to heal from partner betrayal regarding issues related to: sex, porn addiction, infidelity, narcissistic abuse or other deception and manipulation. Partner groups are on-going and are based on our partners' needs. 

Autism and Intimacy Class for Men: Join Candice as she incorporates her specific curriculum designed to assist men on the Autism spectrum in practicing healthy social and sexual cues, demonstrate boundaries, have good mental, physical and spiritual hygiene, as well as know their cycle of risky or problematic sexual behavior and how to implement healthy interventions, how to communicate their needs, deal with conflict, and so much more from a CBT framework and model! This is a fun, interactive class where safety, confidentially and compassionate support are provided for men to learn.

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