"There is a fire burning. It isn't outside, it is not in a fireplace, there is nowhere to hide. There is a fire burning, it runs deeper than a wound, it bleeds fumes of hatred, and seethes hurt, doom. There is fire inside, it's burdens run deep, it holds onto shame, and claims defeat. There is a fire inside. It is a candle that burns, but it can be cooled, with many lessons learned. There is a fire inside...."  (Poem by Candice Christiansen, 2014) Can you relate to this internal fire? Can you feel it? Do you know the kind of pain, anger, sadness, shame that I speak of? Most people do. We all have experienced some thing or another that causes us to bleed with this type of emotion.

But what happens when the fire creates a heat outside of ourselves, and it impacts our surroundings, including our loved ones? Do we go down with the flames, run from it with a death scream, or do we stand in the fire?

Everyone of us has been fighting  an internal (and external at times) heated battle over the past month, maybe two; for some, they have been fighting much longer. But here is the real question:

Can you stand in the heat?

Can you face the dragon; can you stand before your "demons" and still be ok with yourself?

Most people might cringe at these questions, wanting to avoid facing this type of "heat" at any and all costs, saying, "It's much too painful. I will stay where it is comfortable." But is it REALLY? Which is harder, to feel the fire inside smoldering as it grows bigger by the day, or standing in the heat, taking full ownership of all of your burdens and learning to let them go?

Maybe that fire inside is a messenger; maybe it's purpose isn't one of malice but well intended. Can you listen to what it might be telling you?

What if the fire inside is telling you that it is time to treat yourself and your loved ones with kindness, compassion, respect? What if it is here to remind you to let go of all your resentments, hurt, anger and shame, and embrace the lessons that life has taught you?

What if you were able to cool the fire by changing the way you thought and felt about yourself, your world, your loved ones? What if you are that powerful?

You are.

As you come into the weekend, remember that you create your own reality. The fire can either be something to be feared, something to be conquered, or something to be admired.

Stand in it.  YOU ARE WORTH IT.



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