Did you ever think you would end up here? Like this? Right now? Are you wondering what exactly am I talking about? You know.

That place where everything you thought you knew now feels really foreign? Your world and everyone in it seems different? At times you feel so alone you can hardly stand breathing?

Well, breathe. Your world is not going to end. It may feel like it is, but I assure you that the unknown space that you are moving into is on purpose; it is absolutely for a reason. How do I know? I have been there many  times. Many.The space I am talking about might be an internal shifting going on inside of you, or it may be an unknown space that you and your spouse have moved into emotionally or physically, sexually. Or,  all of the above.

Whatever the space may be, it is a good thing, I promise.We absolutely cannot move into our "genius" by staying small and in known and familiar territory.

Each of us must take that grand leap of faith to risk, let go, ask for, tell, say it, jump off, dive in, create, make, recover (RECOVER!). I guess it's a choice, really. You don't have to do anything. But I know that if any of us are to grow, we each MUST move into the unknown spaces that we tend to avoid. If you really want to shift, grow, RECOVER, and heal, you have to move into uncertainty; into the unknown spaces within and without that you have been avoiding.

Take a minute and ask yourself if, when, and why you avoid looking within~ at your own stuff? Why not just go there? Look at what needs to happen; what YOU need to change. What about your life needs to transform or transition?

Stop Blaming Others For Your Unhappiness.

Can you find peace in knowing that everything will be ok no matter what the outcome may be?  Can you stay grounded in your stretching and growing?  Of course you can!  Breathe. Go for a walk, or run, or hike. Journal. GO INWARD. There you will find a sense of quiet as your mind lands solidly on the ground.

You will be reminded that all is well always.

You are WORTH it.

Namasté (I honor the divine in you),