Why are you holding on so tightly? Are you afraid? What is your fear about?...Being alone, unloveable, or found out that you are not good enough? Can you tap into the origin of that primal feeling of terror in the pit of your stomach? That angst that keeps you gripping so intensely that you may be grinding your teeth as you read this?

See if you can figure out where this fear is coming from. This may be hard if you are in a space in your life where your fear is ruling most of your thoughts and actions. When we are gripping with constant fear, we can actually become depressed and start to feel hopeless.

Take a deep breath right now. For most of you, breathing deeply is a foreign concept due to living in so much fear all the time. Do it again. Breathe, right now, so that your belly and chest rise to the count of atleast 5. Do it again. Such a simple concept and yet when we are in such fear, we hold our breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What if the other shoe inevitably drops? Or what if both shoes are on the ground already, and nothing is going to drop?

The point is that fear doesn't help you with anything. Sure, we may have an underlying level of fear in our DNA based on how our brains are wired. However, this doesn't have to drive you!

What if for just a moment you:


Take a deep breath right now. Breathe. Say to yourself, "Let Go." Repeat this.  Do this 3-5 times and notice any shifts in your body. What are you noticing?

If you can detach yourself in this moment from any unforeseen outcome, you are giving yourself an amazing gift. The gift of letting go allows us to be free of any expectations that a situation has to look a certain way. Set yourself free in this moment to just be in today. Forget about what may happen tomorrow or the next day. Forget about what your loved one may say or choose to do. Focus on you and let go of the rest. The rest doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are here, happy, in this moment. So breathe. Detach. Let go. Trust that all is well and no matter how uncertain life feels right now, all will continue to be well. You are always provided for, always loved, and everything always happens for your highest good.

Remember, you are WORTH it.


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