The Authentic You Knows How To Heal. A lot of people ask me what the word Namaste means. When I tell them in the most simplest terms that it means, "The Divine in Me Honors the Divine in You" some wonder, why I would name an outpatient program that heals trauma and intimacy disorders such a name. After all, it is hard to spell, difficult to pronounce, and can be confusing, right? Why not call my program something like "Center for Healthy Relationships"?

On my own journey towards healing and self-discovery, I have realized that who we truly are is not our illnesses, struggles, or addictions. Who we truly are is divine grace, light, love, peace, unity, healing, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and honor.

We each embody an innocent child that lives within us needing comfort and love as well as a reminder that we are safe, ok and that what we often feel (any discomfort) is just sensation, usually from our past.The sad reality is that many people often forget their inner child, as the ravages of past trauma, on-going shame, any addiction, and unresolved pain leave them feeling empty and confused.

Because they have forgotten their innocence, many wander the world aimlessly with a deep-seated hunger pang  that keeps them craving relief, often at their own expense. In such confusion they often blame those closest to them, specifically their loved ones and partners, often because they are too afraid to look in the mirror.

It seems easier to avoid and escape via food, alcohol, prescription meds, illegal drugs, relationships, over-spending, over-working, hoarding, depriving, over-exercising, under or overeating, etc.,  than do the hard but rewarding work to re-connect with one's true self.

Naming my program Namaste Center for Healing made perfect sense to me, particularly because healing from trauma and addictions is about tapping into that divine part of each of us, that innocent child that desperately needs to be heard, loved, and embraced. Once we re-connect with our inner child, we learn how to be authentic,  how to tune into our vulnerability, and how to honor our struggles while forgiving our past. The key is figuring out HOW to tap into this part of ourselves and embrace him/her.Through the use of EMDR, Mindful CBT, and a structured Task and Research based approach, we help people find this part of themselves.

If each person were able to honor their own divinity (which entails forgiving their past and embracing each moment with healthier tools for communicating, self-nurturing, and staying emotionally and physically safe), they would heal and relationships would prosper. With a lot of consistent practice, structure and support, this is absolutely possible!

This week, see if you can find that quiet space between your inhale and exhale where your inner child lives. Take a slow deep breath, hold it, then release it, and say to yourself, "Namaste."

I honor the divine in you.

You are worth it.