I often have clients who report feeling much angst over their finances, sharing that they feel as if have no money, are living paycheck to paycheck, or must wait to live out their dreams until they have more income. My response typically is, "Where else in your life are you withholding from yourself or others?" The reality is that money, like everything else in the Universe, is energy. The more you give of anything, be it positive or negative, the more you receive. Try this out if you don't believe me. Give someone a compliment, and listen as you receive multiple compliments in return, or make a list of all the things you are grateful for, and watch as more prosperity flows to you. Or do the opposite: try withholding, not sharing advice, words of wisdom, your time, things, etc., and watch as you begin to feel more scarce.

The American dollar says "In God We Trust." No matter what you believe regarding a higher power, the message is clear:have faith, trust that the more you fill up your spiritual, emotional, physical "bank accounts" the more you will receive in abundance. Or put very simply, the more you give, the more you receive. Yes, your thoughts become things. Your fears, if focused on too much, come true. So why not focus on filling your life with words of increase instead of decrease and watch as your financial bank accounts increase? Money is energy. Words are energy. So act as if. Act as if you are rich. I am not saying go max out your credit cards or spend money frivolously.

Instead, write out exactly what you want to creat in your life in the "now". For instance, "I am so blessed now that I have.... Thank you!" Be very specific on what you are asking. Then, put it in a special place in your house, and wait. Watch as what you wrote about manifests..... It truly is a magical process. Like leaves on a tree, money is everywhere and if we ask we shall receive...if,that is, we have filled our other bank accounts and keep the ebb and flow moving....takers do not get...this is one-sided....

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