How many times over this past year, in 2015, did you consciously strive to change your health and feel like you failed? How often did you wonder what caused you to feel like a "failure"? How much time did you take to explore the reasons for what may have felt like "false starts"?

Many people set numerous new year intentions for changing their health patterns, then begin, only to realize they get stuck, then suddenly stop.

In order to move forward with anything, we must take time to reflect on our past choices, behaviors, and thoughts, especially when it comes to our health habits. The good news is that we can do so without stunting our potential for growth in the future.

Here are some tips for doing that:

Stick to the facts List in chronological order Be a curious observer Let it go!

Stick To The Facts:

First, keep it simple. Write an account of one to three times this past year that you started to proactively change your health. Document your exercise, your diet, your lifestyle (sleep, work modes, social settings, etc…) and any other areas you jump-started, that ended in a hard fall.

List In Chronological Order:

Let time be your guide to reflect and process in chronological order the plans you made, the process you embarked on and what happened that prevented you from continuing.

Be A Curious Observer:

Look, connect and feel. This means be witness to what you accomplished, connect to both the successes and challenges you faced, and feel the sensations in your mind and body today from those experiences back then.

Let It Go!

Embrace and surrender as you move into a New Year and the opportunity for a New You, and a New, Healthier You! It’s easier to start a new pattern than to re-pattern an old one so imagine the change you want to become and start today!

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Remember, You are worth it!


Cari Junge, Integrative Health Advisor Namasté Center for Healing