Sometimes, when the world seems so big and overwhelming, and the demands of life too much, we need a reminder from someone, anyone that says, "Hey, YOU matter."

When our relationships seem like they are going nowhere or we feel stuck in our job, or we can't communicate the way we want to, or we struggle to figure out a decision, we need someone to gently remind us of these words, "You matter." 

After a long day, when we are exhausted and can't cram anything more into our brains, when we are so tired and stressed that we cannot fall asleep or stay asleep, we need the comfort of a whisper that calms us by saying, "You matter." 

When we wake up and feel hopeless, helpless, out of control, or lost, we need someone to reach out their hand and remind us that we have a purpose, a mission, that, "You matter." 

I am here to tell you that today. You matter dear ones. You matter in this world. Everything can change in one second. One second. So if you feel like you don't matter now, in one second after me saying that you do, I want you to take a deep breath and feel that. Even if you don't believe those words, I do. 


Much love, light, and aloha dear ones,