This week's blog is inspired by Sarah Blondin's Podcast, Live Awake. Thank you Sarah for continuing to inspire me to go inward to reach the depths of my soul's purpose with loving kindness. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/live-awake/id1030019034?mt=2)

I often write when I feel inspired and I will be honest, it has been awhile. Fear and overwhelm can do that to a person. 

Can you relate? Do you lack inspiration lately or has it been awhile since you REALLY felt inspired at the core of your being, from the depths of your soul to create something new and powerful and deliciously splendid?

How often do we wait for something or someone outside of ourselves to create our most powerful, life changing shift? How often do we feel stuck or trapped in our own existence hoping and praying that something greater than us will wave it's magic wand and poof- we will be set free, make a decision, take that job, start something new, buy the home we have always wanted, marry the person we adore and whom truly adores us, leave an abusive relationship, live our passion, go back to school, retire, play more, go on an adventure, dance, laugh more, trust more, love the way we want to love, etc. etc. etc.? 

The reality is that we are allcurrently free to do any of the things we want. However, we have bought into our own outdated stories and beliefs that we aren't worthy of having the life we deserve--that someone else has control over our decisions, choices, and happiness.

Perhaps that someone is not a person but our own FEAR. 

"An animal caught in a trap will lash out if you let them loose, for they feel powerless in the face of life. They have become victim of circumstance and are unable to see that the same thing that has hurt them can also set them free."--Sarah Blondin, "Reclaiming Our Misplaced Power", Live Awake). 

Such a beautiful quote by Sarah Blondin. Oftentimes, weare the ones who keep ourselves in a locked enclosure called our own lives, claiming we are trapped or stuck for whatever reason only to realize that it is ourselves who hold the key to our own freedom. When I feel uninspired and stuck, it is ME that is getting in my own way. I may say it's my partner, my friend, someone at work, a family member, etc. But at the end of the day, I hold the key to allowing my own internal freedom, to living from a space of pure love, joy and inspiration. It is my choice whether or not I use the key to free myself of old stories and beliefs that hold me back. The same is true for you. 

Today dear ones, see if you can let the things that you fear inspire you. Maybe that looks like a consideration. For example, considering options for taking a new job, building the home you have always wanted, starting school, setting a goal for retirement, loving the way you want and who you want, being free to be your gorgeous, authentic self? If you can't actually DO anything because fear has stifled you today, then perhaps you can allow a thought to gently flow through you such as "What if I simply consider...(a new job, home, retirement, playing more, etc)?" If you feel like taking the next step, share your consideration with a safe person who you know will listen and support you in your consideration. 

I think we all forget this so in case you have, please know that YOU INSPIRE OTHERS and YOU INSPIRE ME to keep writing. Each and every one of you is an inspiration to someone every day whether you know it or not. For instance, yesterday I was inspired by one of the most talented trauma therapists I know-the same was true for my whole clinical team. We paid it forward immediately by sharing the inspiration we felt from her with our clients. IT WAS SO POWERFUL. Today, I want you to know that you inspire me with your ability and courage to be here and live another day in the best way that you know how dear ones. 

As always, I am sending you love, light and the spirit of aloha today and every day,