Multi-National, Holistic Treatment for Trauma, Sex & Pornography Addiction, Sexual/Intimacy Anorexia, Infidelity, Other Sexual Issues; Multiple Addictions/Aversions



"Sexuality is our most meaningful expression of our spirit. You cannot touch one without touching the other." -Patrick Carnes

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Sexual/Couples Recovery

We treat the entire intimacy spectrum that couples at times face: From infidelity to sexual aversion; from porn and sex addiction to various sexual issues. We also treat multiple addictions including substance abuse, financial disorders, and food addictions. We know that with our support couples can recover.

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Healing Trauma/Betrayal

We recognize that trauma takes on many forms and impacts each person differently. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to healing one's past or current traumas (i.e, intimate betrayal, sexual assault,workplace violence). Our mind, body, spirit approach reinforces people's ability to experience life-long resiliency. 

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Individual/Group Therapy

We offer individual and group therapy for individuals with trauma, intimate betrayal, sex and pornography addiction, substance abuse, and relationship issues. Research shows that the most effective healing modalities for these various issues entails regular, structured programming including individual and group therapy. Our Sexual Recovery Program's three phases entail: Discovery, Recovery, Intimate Connections.

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