This beautiful pre-recorded 12-session webinar is for individuals, couples, polyamorous, pods, triad, etc relationships who are either in Phase III of our sexual recovery program or who simply want to improve their experience of sex & intimacy. Individuals or couples may watch this pre-recorded webinar at their leisure in the privacy of their own home. Specific Goals for this class: Identify ways you have been non-sexually and sexually disconnected in your life including how your past and current love & sexual storylines have impacted your beliefs surrounding sex, love, and relationships; explore sensual ways of experiencing self and other nurturing including a new sense of self acceptance, self worth and trust; learn the 4 dimensions of sexuality and the 12 dimensions of courtship, identify ways to consciously harness energy, breath, and sensations to enhance pleasure; learn how to enjoy sex in a way that is intimate & connected where pleasure and ecstasy is longer lasting


Session 1

Core Concepts of Art of Ecstasy; Sex as a fundamental concept.

In this introductory session, individuals are encouraged to set the stage for the next 12-weeks by setting an intention for what they want to gain from each webinar. We explore how to be sensual and non-sexually connected outside the bedroom with yourself and with your partner, and how, as sensual (sensation) beings we naturally connect in this way all the time. We discuss what individuals tend to hide from when it comes to sensuality and sexuality,  how individuals disconnect and deprive themselves, and what one needs to connect and nurture themselves and their most intimate relationship(s).


Session 2

Understanding Our “Love Stories.”

In this session we explore the impact that “stories” (belief systems) developed based off of people’s pasts and how they impact individuals in their current most intimate relationships. We explore the concept of being “love-able” including the illusion of “I love you” from an inauthentic, need-dependent space rather than from a self-other honoring space. Affirmations are provided during this session to encourage the growth of self-love and self-acceptance in order to be able to share pure love with one’s partner.


Session 3

Depths of Intimacy:

In this session the 12 Stages of Courtship are explained in detail as well as the equation: Love + Spirit + Self = YOU. We explore the concept of ecstatic bliss along with diving into each of the 12 stages. Questions are offered for participants to ponder after each stage is discussed.


Session 4

Identifying, challenging, and redefining our sexual scripts:

In this session we explore sexual scripts that show up via the 4 Dimensions of Sexuality: Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit.  The shadow aspects as well as the positive aspects of each dimension of sexuality are discussed.


Session 5

Exploring the art of mystery, arousal, attraction, desire.

In this session, we explore sex therapist and relationship expert Esther Perel’s concepts of mystery in relationship and the importance of keeping a sense of mystery alive. We discuss the dual control model via sex therapist and researcher Emily Nagoski’s work, as well as the concept of desire and how to align our desire with that of our partner’s.


Session 6

Introduction to Eastern Concepts surrounding Sexuality via Sacred Tantra.

In this session we introduce sacred tantra, exploring the origins of Tantra, tantric principles and ancient principles. We also discuss the importance of honoring the divine feminine and masculine non-sexually as well as sexually and sensually.


Session 7

Harnessing sensual and sexual energy.

In this session we look deeper at common sex vs. Tantric Sex from a Western vs. Eastern perspective. Kundalini and meditation as they relate to tantra are also discussed as well as practical applications of both in one’s daily and intimate life.


Session 8

Chakras: Activating Energy Centers in One’s Body:

In this session we introduce the chakra energy centers in the body. We discuss 7 chakras from the root to the crown of one’s body, how these energy centers get blocked energetically and how to clear them to enhance one’s level of connection with oneself and their partner.


Session 9

Sacred Tantra Rituals:

In this session, we introduce the concept of sacred rituals that can be used in preparation for the sacred act of sexual and sensual connection through Maithuna, or love making. We discuss the importance of clearing one’s outer space and internal space as well as creating an intention, and using breath work to create an authentic and mindful practice of sexual expression with one’s partner.


Session 10

The Art of Kissing, Breathing, Orgasm, Tips for Ejaculation.

This session explains the biological, intimate, and spiritual connection that two people experience through kiss and the breath. The various types of tantric breathing are discussed, the five levels of orgasm,  how someone who is single can experience sensual tantric pleasure, as well as tips for slowing ejaculation down for males.


Session 11

Different Tantra Rituals and Maithuna:

In this session, Kama Sutra is introduced as well as different rituals that can be used as part of one’s tantric lifestyle: The Ritual of Kundalini, The Ritual of Abundance and Prosperity, and The Ritual of the Mirror.


Session 12

Kama Sutra positions, and How to Enjoy Tantra in your Daily Life:

In this final webinar, we provide a discussion of different Kama Sutra positions that can be used to enhance a divine, authentic Tantric sexual experience, as well as how to enjoy tantra in one’s daily life, i.e., connecting to one’s senses, distancing yourself from anything that doesn’t cause you pleasure, and continuing to attend workshops, classes, retreats that explore sacred tantra.