This weekend I watched a touching short video that caused me to pause and reflect on the topic regret...here are the details of the video....

A chalkboard was placed in the middle of New York City for one day asking passersby to write down their biggest regret. The response was profound.

Some examples of things that were written included: 

  • Not having kids before my dad passed away
  • Not going to med school
  • Not getting involved
  • Not following my artistic passions
  • Not following my dreams
  • Not being a better friend

As the board filled up, there was a resounding theme~people regretted what they had NOT done including NOT taking chances, NOT pursuing desires and dreams, and words NOT spoken. 

But, then something profound happened....

They were asked to erase the chalkboard. A new awareness emerged. The clean board represented a fresh start for each passerby; a clean slate.

It meant that there were new possibilities right in that moment, that there need not be regret, since we each can make new decisions right here and now.  

It gave individuals a moment to pause and think about second chances; or first ones for that matter. And from this experience, an opportunity arose....

You too have this opportunity.

Let yourself consider the following questions: 

What if you had no regrets? What if you were given a clean slate each day upon awakening and upon going to sleep? What would be different in your life if you let yourself be completely free to pursue what your heart desired?

What if each day we could start new, fresh, in all our choices, in all our relationships? Would we connect more to others, say what we need to say, pursue our dreams, wants, wishes, and desires? Would we be kinder, friendlier, more loving, more honest, more peaceful, more resolved in every single choice we made?

What if every single day, we lived the way that we were born to live: free of fear, free of failure, free of being hurt or disappointed?

What if regret is the very thing that keeps us from doing "the next BIG thing"?

Isn't it time to erase your regret? Isn't it time to allow yourself a clean slate to start anew? Know that you are not alone in this incredibly possible endeavor.

Give yourself a clean slate, right here, right now. You deserve it.

To watch the actual video of this New York City experiment, "My Biggest Regret" put this link in your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R45HcYA8uRA

As always, no matter what is going on around you, please know that- you are worth it.



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