There is a reason for everything.   All things are divine.

Last Monday, I received a call from my mom's nursing home. They informed me that they were taking her to the emergency room due to a serious infection. I received phone call after phone call from different medical professionals explaining various things to me from the reasons why she was going to the hospital, to me consenting to her being treated.

Overwhelmed and in shock, I went on auto-pilot, following the directives from medical social works, occupational therapists, a geriatric advocate, and doctors.

After a couple days in the hospital, we were informed that my mom would be transported to a special unit to re-adjust her medication and get her properly diagnosed. I was confused and felt numb. I resisted her going to another hospital, arguing with various doctors and demanding I get straight answers. I found myself trying to control the outcome and situation due to my feeling of complete helplessness.

When we were leaving the hospital, I looked up into the crisp night sky, took a deep breath and said out loud, "There has to be a reason why this is happening."

Nothing. Silence. No answers. No sign....I was stumped. I know my mom has dementia but why is she having all these new, weird symptoms when she had been fairly stable for two years?

The next morning, I agreed to allow my mom to go to another hospital since she wasn't improving. Within a few hours I received a call from her new doctor. That is when I knew:

There is a reason for everything.

The doctor was a divine miracle! He explained that my mom's unique brain injury was his specialty and that some doctors go their entire careers without seeing this type of brain trauma. He was able to describe in detail the challenges with her unique brain trauma, as well as the impact it has on her daily functioning, certain medications that it exacerbates, how to help her and his goal to educate the staff at the nursing home so that they can best meet her needs. This was the first time in over 2 years that any medical person was able to give me the answers about my mom's illness! I realized in this moment that all things are divine. They may not happen on my "time" but they indeed happen at the right time.

You may have challenging life situations occurring at this time that make ZERO sense, where you feel completely helpless, powerless, and afraid of the outcome, but I promise you: There is a reason for everything. If you are unsure and questioning this statement, here are some simple things you can do to increase your belief in this:

1. Talk to your higher power. Just as I looked up into the sky and asked why this incident with my mom was happening, you too can have a conversation. I don't care if your dog or cat is your higher power, or even a tree outside (if you don't believe in God, etc). The goal is to have a conversation with someone or something outside of you so that you are not carrying all the weight of the world on your shoulders. "Turn it over...."

2. Practice having faith in the unknown. This may sound ridiculous, especially if you feel really out of control, but I know from multiple experiences that everything happens for a reason and therefore what is unknown now will soon be known. So have faith and trust that there is a reason for this.

3. Surrender to the NOW. All you have is this moment. You will exhaust yourself trying to control your next moment and trying to change the past. Surrender to being right here. This may cause you to want to panic, but by focusing on your surroundings and what you CAN control, your anxiety will diminish quite rapidly.

We are living in the most amazing time where healing generational wounds is an absolute necessity. It starts with believing that there is reason for everything and that it is truly divine, including YOU.

You are worth it.



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