I recently decided I wanted to fly a kite at a park near my house. The last time I flew a kite, I was 8 years old.  My father was in town after one of his military trips and took my siblings and I to a school near our house. We each got to fly our very own kites.

I bought a similar kite to the one I had as an 8 year old little girl. It was a small plastic barbie kite that cost me $1.50 at a children's toy store. Simple, but a beautiful symbol of one of the few good memories I had as a child. As I got ready to fly my barbie kite, I noticed that my heart started to flutter.

The 8 year old in me was eager to come out and play.

The wind quickly pulled her into the air.  She swayed back and forth, at times twirling suddenly, making whimsical shapes in the sky. She had a life of her own as she danced aimlessly through the warm afternoon air.

I was completely mesmerized as I looked up at her, amazed at  how easy it was for her to dance so fluidly, without a care in the world.  She looked so strong and powerful; a champion of the wind trusting it to keep her alive.  I felt so blessed to be right there with her,  holding her hand as we travelled together on this innocent, child-like melody.

I found myself reveling in this magical experience, wanting to stay there for hours in this playfulness of spirit. I was alive, free, dancing with her. This simple plastic barbie kite that I needed when I was an 8 year old little girl reminded me today of my purpose, which is to remind others of WHO THEY TRULY ARE free from the dark shadows of their addiction(s). I do this by mirroring strength, centeredness, fluidity and trust in the process, and by being fully alert in each moment with my clients.


Sometimes you might forget what it is. However, it lives inside of you, waiting to be seen, heard, felt, and lived. It likely showed itself to you when you are young, and is evolving as you grow and change.

Like my childhood kite, we too are fluid and ever-changing Be-ings, similar to our purpose for being in this world, which also is an evolutionary process.

Some of the most creative, spiritual BE-ings on earth are those who have come from the darkest places including abuse, trauma, and addiction(s). Can you relate to this? Has your purposes been masked by your afflictions? Sometimes it may feel like a lot to acknowledge that:


You have a divine purpose, and as you recover from whatever life has thrown your way, your purpose will continue to be revealed.

I have found in my own recovery that saying positive affirmations can get me through the most challenging of days:  One of my favorites for re-connecting me to my purpose is: "My life has a purpose and I matter."

Another affirmation that has worked to connect or re-connect me to my spirit of purpose is to say both morning and night (before bed) as I look in the mirror at myself: "Thank you for BE-ing in this world. I am truly inspired by you."

Finally, as I learned from one of my mentors, Deepak Chopra, sitting quietly and repeating these three questions before beginning my meditation practice, always leads me back to my life's purpose: "Who am I? "What do I want?" "What is my purpose?"

Sometimes it takes the simplest of reminders to re-connect us with why we are here.