"All anxiety, all dissatisfaction, all the reasons for hoping that our experience could be different are rooted in our fear of death. Fear of death is always in the background."-Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart, 1997 Each day, we experience a death of sorts, whether it be in the form of things not working out the way we want, or feeling frustrated or disappointed at someone or something. We also experience it as parts of ourselves or parts of our realities that die.

For instance, divorce is a death. A betrayal due to a loved one's addiction creates a death. Losing friendships, financial loss, a change in faith, losing one's career, a change in one's health; all can signify a death. Change in everyday life is a death.

"When the day ends, when the second ends, when we breathe out, that's death in everyday life"(Chodron, p. 43).

Yet, we spend so much energy and time focusing on avoiding death that we often find ourselves anxious and panicked at the very thought of it.

What if, instead of experiencing fear and panic over change, we instead saw "death" as motivation? Motivation for living in the present moment, motivation for embracing the sanctity of our present tense?

What if we let ourselves get back to the basics of embracing WHAT IS, right here and now?

What if we allow ourselves to take a minute and imagine what it would feel like to breathe in and have a present moment with ourselves without any fear of a death that may happen throughout our day?

"....giving up all hope of alternatives to the present moment, we can have a joyful relationship with our lives, an honest, direct relationship, one that no longer ignores the reality of impermanence and death" (Chodron, p. 45).

When we allow ourselves the space to embrace the reality that exists only in this moment, staying present with what is and not what could be or all the "what ifs" we begin to heal.

Change is inevitable, therefore giving us all the more reason to learn how to embrace the fluidity of each day. Especially how to embrace the sanctity of ourselves in our present tense. You are worth this.

Namasté ~the divine in me honors the divine in you....we are one,


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