We are all recovering from something. The minute we are born we begin healing. Isn't that part of the divine experience? Let's face it, life can be really trying. It is filled with incredible obstacles and challenges, and regardless of whether or not we have an affliction or an addiction, the mere fact of being alive in the world means that we are going to need some reprieve at times.

But just as life hands us the hills and valleys, the ups and downs, it gives us an incredible gift: the gift of being on this amazing and individualized journey. A path to walk on where we feel completely alive simply by breathing in all the experiences of each and every day. Without the challenges we couldn't fully experience grace.

Interestingly, many of us get caught up in the illusion that there must be a beginning and an end, and it must be in sight at all times. We must push hard and compete with ourselves and others to reach some "end" goal because once we are there, life will be better.

But what if there is no end? What if we are on a continuous path of recovery that simply evolves, that at times gets lighter and easier, where our obstacles change and we feel uplifted and at ease? What if the very thing we are running towards is ourselves; our own healing? What if we are not running next to or against anyone but simply running our own beautiful and divine race--a race called life. This life that includes recovery.

Is it quite possible that the goal is to recover our true selves, and in that process, we continue to grow? That we never stop recovering who we truly are? Sometimes, as we grow, and as our light shines even brighter into the world, we may need to leave some people behind. We may leave behind those individuals who continue to stay stuck on their own path all the while trying to bring us down.

While we may continue to love these people, it is ok to continue our own beautiful evolution. We must continue on our own journey of recovery, regardless of other people's choices. And if there is no finish line in sight, we can have incredible hope. Hope that change is always possible, and that recovery is that beautiful endeavor taking flight.

As part of our journey, we must remember that we are all recovering from something.... if we can accept that this is a gift and an on-going journey that never ends, then in that moment of acceptance, we begin to heal.

As always, you are worth it.

With loving kindness,