Recently I had to move my meditation altar from my meditatiton room to accommodate a family member who was coming to visit us. Although I was comfortable with this family member visiting, I found myself becoming increasingly anxious and irritable. It was as though a cloud had descended upon me. Within a week, I found myself meditating less, trying to control more in my surroundings, feeling sad, scattered, and depressed.

I decided to go on a day long hike in an effort to get grounded and re-connect with Mother Earth. I quickly realized as I began my hike, that what was surrounding me was also within me. The whispers of the gentle breeze reminded me of my past and that all is forgiven. Mother Earth told me to trust the path that I was being led upon. The sun's warm rays soothed my heart, opening it to receive clarity of spirit. I felt rejuvenated.

Along my path I witnessed two beautiful red-billed hawks above me, as well as a big black beetle and curious spider cross my path. Ants, wild flowers, boulders, and bushes and trees all were part of my journey into clarity....and I realized something. The feeling of calmness and peace that I feel when I meditate in front of my altar was the exact same feeling I had during my hike.

My altar is within me.

I can meditate where ever I go. I can find peace and clarity, strength and hope in my breath in each moment, not just when I am in front of my altar in meditation or prayer.

Today I meditated in front of my altar and had fond memories of the internal and external "visitors" that joined me on my recent day long hike. Their messages to me were as powerful as the internal messages that I receive daily when I connect with my Inner Ashram. We each have this space within us. Sometimes it speaks softer than at other times. Sometimes we must be creative to find our connection. But it is always within us. It is our divine birthright to find our inner altar, find our inner peace. Namaste~