There are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. Divine grace lives within us all as a glowing internal light, if only we could learn how to tap into it regularly....

Beautiful, isn't it? This notion that every single thing happens for a reason. Think about it; are things really as finite as they seem; with solid beginnings and endings? Or are they more fluid and ever-changing? Isn't change the only constant? What if we were taking this life of ours way too seriously and way too personally? Forgetting that we all have a divine purpose, and it is truly up to us to figure out what it is?

What if we each get to experience some form of suffering as a way to fully honor and embrace the joyful resonance of our own existence as well as that of others? Doesn't change cause that? How many of you would rather stay the same, be comfortable with the uncomfortable, than change, grow, and expand? Each of us are so incredibly divine, and we come to this earth with a beautiful path layed out in gold for us. Some of us decide to walk the path early, and some decide to walk along other paths. We all learn, no matter where it is we travel.

However, the goal, if we choose a long and hard path, is to learn how to honor ourselves and others instead of continuing to hurt ourselves and/or others.  Are your eyes open, or are they closed? Are you learning something on your journey, or are you determined to stay stuck?

This concept of lightening up is an internal one, as it requires us to literally find joy and humor in the day to day, as well as connect with spirit. "Spirit" is an internal process of finding our internal light and shining it onto the world. It is different than worshipping something outside of ourselves. It is learning to embrace your own divinity; your own internal light.

So, how can you get there? How can you get to the place where you shine your beautiful, internal light, where you find humor in the day to day, where you lighten up your world and others?

Here are some tools:

1. Don't take things so seriously or personally. My mom used to  tell me this when I was a child. I was very serious and intense  at times. She actually used the term, "Lighten up" in a loving way. Today, I finally understand what she meant. Are you taking things too personally? Are you making someone else's issue your own? What is yours and what is theirs? Hand it over.

2. Focus on letting your own light shine bright. This is especially important if you have a tendency of wanting to make another's light shine (especially if theirs is dim). We have a tendency to do this with our loved ones. It is not our job and actually disempowers them from learning to shine their light brightly.

You can only control your internal light switch. You may, however, inspire those around you to shine their light by shining yours. Examples of this include: learning to laugh and smile at the joys in life, as well as being an inspiration to others by loving yourself wholeheartedly.

3. Change your perspective and your perspective will change. If you change your perspective from a dark and negative one to a positive, lighter one, I promise you that your perspective will change. You will see people, places, situations, and things in a whole new light! I call this reframing. When you find your perspective being dark, reframe it to a positive statement. In time your perspective will be positive.

4. Shine On. The best thing you can do for others is to shine your light. Shine bright! Do not shrink so that others feel comfortable. Do not own shame that is not yours! When we feel small we do not have as big of an impact as we are supposed to in this world, so it is important to not diminish your shimmer and glow for anyone else. Inspire the world by shining as brightly as you possibly can!

Remember, you are SO worth it.

Namasté, Candice