It has often been said that the two most important words in the English Language are "I AM." In religious and spiritual contexts, these two words have been directly attributed to one's higher power; with "I Am" literally being God

Many modern day healers and spiritual gurus, including Louise L. Hay and Wayne Dyer, have talked at length about the power of these two words impacting both our perception as well as our literal experience of reality. In various forums we are reminded: "You are what you think, so choose your words wisely. " Even certain recovery-based groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, encourage members to introduce themselves with "Hi, my name is _______ and I AM an alcoholic." For many reasons, this type of introduction, especially in this context, makes sense, as accountability is essential in order to support individuals in taking full responsibility for their addiction(s). If this is indeed true, this idea that "I Am" are the two most important words that can be spoken, then I can only imagine from the negative self talk I sometimes hear inside my head, how much we as a society affirm so many things that we DO NOT want. 

For example, take a minute to reflect on the first things you thought of as you awoke this morning.How many negative affirmations that included "I am" ran through your mind? When you looked in the mirror or put on your clothes, did you think or say, "I am so fat, I am so ugly," or  "I am bad, I am unworthy, I am unloveable, I am not good enough, I am poor, I am sick, I am so tired, or I am so tired of…", etc. etc.? 

You may currently be living in a situation that you are really tired of, or really sick of; your feelings are valid. And yet, there may be a different way to think or say this so that you don't experience the repercussions of the negative thoughts that you think or say. I realize that some of you may be thinking, "This is hokey-pokey crap. Our thoughts don't control our physical well-being." However, research has shown for quite some time now that stress, including negative thinking, can impact our physiology.

This is why so much research over the past decade has been done to show that meditation changes both our brain as well as our physiology; after all, when we relax, we let go of all negativity and resistance. When our minds grow quiet from all the negative chatter, our brains and bodies know how to heal.  Notice if you are tensing up right now.  Is there any part of you that is resisting the idea that you actually control your thoughts and experiences by using words such as "I Am" followed by positive words?To be clear, I am not saying you control your spouses, loved ones, or others' thoughts, actions,  or experiences. However, I AM saying that you control your own. 

Even with me saying all of this, notice how your mind wants to take you back to a negative statement, "Yeah but I am still fat" or "Ok I get the concept but I am still a bad person for…."Many folks  can understand this concept intellectually but internalizing it is quite a challenge. I get this way of thinking. Especially since I have worked for most of my life to manage and heal my depression and anxiety. I realize that it can be easier to spout off negative "I am" statements than positive ones, especially if we have done it our whole lives. But, what do you have to lose by practicing positive "I am" statements, even if it is just for today?

If you practice negative affirmations, you create more of what you don't want. After all, we truly see what it is that we believe, and therefore, believe what we see. By changing from a  negative to a positive self statement, each of our own realities become a totally new and different, positive experience!

The world is suddenly not out to get us; we see that it is out to embrace us, love us, and help us prosper. People are no longer mean or cruel, they are doing the best they can with what they have. We see others with with compassion and loving eyes, even if we are hurt by them. We start to understand that lessons are not here to punish us; they are here to teach each of us our divine purpose and path. We find that the darkness we are living in today is not long-lasting; it has a beautiful and glorious light (which is our inner light). It starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with WE. It starts with "I Am" followed by a positive affirmation.

"I am hopeful." " I am doing my best in every moment." I am a good person even if I make poor choices sometimes. "  "I am forgiving" and so on...

So, here is your chance. Starting today, notice how negative your self statements are, and change them to a positive "I Am" statement. For instance, instead of thinking,  "I am a bad person," think, "I am a good person who has made some poor choices, but I am doing what I can to change."

Note: If you have a tendency to point the finger and say "You are…." and blame others for your actions, you have a little more work to do. First, change your blaming statement to "I Am" followed by a statement of accountability. Then, move into a more positive and pro-active I Am" statement. Also, if you have a tendency to say things like "I am better than them" see if you can soften your language so that your are non-judging.

It starts with YOU. Yes, you are this powerful. Change the way you think, and you will change the way you live. You are worth it, so think or say, "I AM worth it!"

Namasté, Candice