I have worked in the field of recovery with all ages and populations for close to twenty years. Throughout the years, my amazing clinical team and I have had the honor of healing generations from sexual and other addictions and aversions; women, men, couples, their parents (grandparents), along with their children. 

As our mission states: "At Namasté Center for Healing, we assist individuals in learning how to recover their true selves, their relationships, and their lives." Similarly, "Our vision is to help individuals, couples and families in achieving lasting recovery from addictions, aversions, and trauma so much so that the course of their lives are changed for generations to come."

One of the realizations I have had throughout the years is that if we only help people stop addictive sexual behavior but don't have a phase in our program where we teach couples about healthy intimacy, sensuality and sexuality, we are only treating part of the whole person and coupleship. 

When I say "healthy", I understand that this "healthy" sexuality is truly relative to each person. When we have couples come to us who are polyamorous or into BDSM, we meet them where they are at in their relationship and support their process. It is important to note that there is a reason why people come to therapy, and especially to our specialized program. 

I am interested in teaching healthy sexuality to those individuals and couples who are healing from the ravages of sexual addiction, the deserted landscape of sexual anorexia (formally called "Hypo-Sexual Desire Disorder" in the DSM V) as well as those individuals or couples who simply want to enhance what they describe as a stuck or stale sex and intimacy life. 

Through my own recovery as a trauma survivor and someone who was sexually anorexic for a number of years who rejected and loathed my body and sexuality, it has taken years for me to embrace and accept myself as a woman and sensual being (*as we all are*). Through the safety of a loving and VERY patient husband as well as a team of healers (yogis, mentors, therapists, teachers and friends), I have had the incredible opportunity to embrace and experience intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality in a beautiful and sacred way. 

I decided that THIS is what we need to share as part of Phase III (our Intimate Connections Phase) of our sexual recovery program at Namasté. Therefore, as part of Phase III, I developed The Art of Ecstasy: From Sexual Disconnect to Sexual Bliss.™ This 6-month online webinar is designed for singles and couples, men and women, LGBTQ and heterosexual, those in advanced sexual recovery or simply wanting to enhance their intimate connection with the world and their partner. 

As my mentor Dr. Patrick Carnes' says, "Sexuality is our most meaningful expression of our spirit. You cannot touch one without touching the other." This online course is based on this premise-that as sacred beings, our sexuality, when acknowledged, honored and embraced in an enlightened way, leads to a transcendent experience with ourselves, our world, and in our most intimate relationship(s). 

For those couples who have been attending our monthly Intimate Connections class, you have gotten a very small taste of some of what my webinar will entail.

For those of you who are curious about attending, this webinar is going to be self, relationship, and life changing for you. It is going to awaken and heal places in you that you have perhaps ignored or been unaware even existed. It is going to allow you to experience a deep, intimate, joyful and loving connection to all that is including in your relationship with your partner. It is going to provide you with tools for enjoying Ecstatic Bliss on a daily basis. 

Regardless of our pasts, we all deserve to live a life of beautiful, joyful, ecstatic and sensual bliss in our lives and in our relationships. 

Join me beginning Saturday January 20th for an enlightening journey of emotional, sensual and sexual self discovery. This webinar will change you forever. 

You are worth it!

Aloha and Namasté dear ones,