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Candice has been fastidious about who is part of Namasté's expert clinical team since her program is internationally known for treating some of the most challenging cases related to various intimacy issues. Men, women, and non-binary individuals come from all over the USA to work with Candice and her expert team of clinicians. She has chosen highly dedicated, compassionate, and brilliant colleagues as her teammates whose energy and expertise aligns with Namasté's mission and vision. 

Candice has invested in and developed each of her clinical members by providing them with on-going weekly supervision, bringing in expert consultants to provide on-going training to our staff, and advanced training with the nation's leading trauma and addiction treatment organizations. Candice’s clinical members have committed to getting advanced training/certifications in one or more of the following: EMDR training at Francine Shapiro's EMDRIA international, Sex Addiction Certification training through IITAP, advanced training to work with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, and/or advanced training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model. .

Our team is specifically trained to treat attachment and intimacy disorders, multiple addictions (sex, food, porn, substances, financial), complex trauma, PTSD, grief and loss, narcissism, autism and intimacy issues, and various mental disorders.

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Candice Christiansen, M.Ed., LCMHC, Founder, Clinical Director

Candice is a trail blazer. As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist(CSAT-S)-Supervisor and a Certified EMDR Trauma Expert she has trained directly with Drs. Patrick and Stefanie Carnes at The International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals where she is currently a faculty member. As a trauma expert, she has trained with Carol Forgash, one of the leaders in Ego State Therapy for complex trauma survivors and receives on-going consultation from her friend and colleague Anastasia Doulis-Pollock, LCMHC who is a nationally known expert in ego state therapy and complex trauma/DID. As a Gottman Leader she received training at the Gottman Institute from Laura Heck, LMFT on how to effectively support couples in achieving lasting connection, attachment, and intimacy. In 2013, Candice opened Namasté Center for Healing. Her beautiful healing center offers integrative healing to individuals, couples, polyamorous relationships; men, women and non-binary individuals, people who identify as heterosexual and LGBTQA. She has worked with her hand-picked expert team for years. Together, they assists men and women ages 18-75 years old in learning and mastering specific, evidence based tools for healing attachment, intimacy, and trauma issues from their pasts. Her ultimate passion is to help singles, couples, and those in polyamorous relationships in experiencing ecstatic bliss, a conscious connection to all that is, and sacred sexuality. Her tastefully crafted 12-Week Webinar, The Art of Ecstasy: From Sexual Disconnect to Sexual Bliss™ offers those in Phase III of our sexual recovery program as well as those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and their loved one(s) a simple, fun, and truly blissful way of increasing one's intimate connection. 

Candice is also the author of Mastering The Trauma Wound ©2016. She has been published in the Salt Lake Tribune,  CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist) Magazine, Talkspace.com, and Dose.com, writing about various topics including: The Truth about Sex Addiction, Pornography Addiction, Depression in Men and Women, Coping with Grief, and Dealing with Anxiety. She has been a relationship expert for Fox 13's The Place and KUTV's Fresh Living  where she shared her expertise on various issues related to intimacy, sex, and healthy relationships. Candice has also contributed on www.addictionwise.com, an on-line support for families of loved ones with drug/alcohol addiction. Her 2016 blog: Denial of Sex Addiction Hurts Our Clients gained mass attention among the various "sex" therapy camps.  

Candice currently serves on the DOPL Substance Use Disorder Board. She is a faculty member at the International Institute of Trauma and Addictions Professionals and a proud member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuser's (ATSA) Global Prevention Committee. In the past she has served on the  Utah Mental Health Counselor Association's (UMHCA) Board and The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health's (SASH) Conference Committee. In 2018, She and Meg Martinez-Dettamanti co-authored a chapter on Sexual Abuse Prevention for a book written in the United Kingdom. 

Candice is a strong voice in the sexual/relationship/trauma recovery global community. She believes that everyone deserves to heal and passionately strives to help those interested in doing so achieve lasting wellness via her specialized programs. 


Meg Martinez-Dettamanti, LACMHC, CSAT-C, Assistant Clinical Director

Meg has worked closely with Candice for four years. She believes that each person can enjoy the many gifts of all forms of recovery if they surrender and trust the process. Meg is currently finishing her advanced training at IITAP's institute with Dr. Carnes' team of global relationship and sexuality experts to become a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. She is also an EMDR Trauma Therapist who has trained at Francine Shapiro's EMDR Institute and has received consultation from Ego State Therapy/Trauma Experts Anastasia Doulis-Pollock and Cindy White. Meg is well versed in child welfare and the legal issues that arise from addictive behaviors and has aided families in overcoming these struggles on their road to sexual, substance, and trauma recovery. Through her work with Juvenile Justice Services with the juvenile boys who offended sexually for 3+ years and then for the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) working to overcome addiction, strengthen families, and provided safety and stability to children she has learned the importance of “Prevention” as a healthy intervention related to addiction and harmful behavior. Meg assists Candice on our various programs, and assists in program development. In 2018, she and Candice co-authored a chapter on Sexual Abuse Prevention for a book being written in the United Kingdom. 

Meg also facilitates our Monday night men’s sexual & co-occurring recovery group. She co-facilitates the Intimate Connections Program as well as the Gottman Classes with Candice. She provides individual, couples therapy, and psycho-educational support for men with riskier sexual behavior(prevention) and their partners, and co-facilitates our Intimate Connections class with Candice each month. Meg, like Candice, is a strong voice in the global community for sexual abuse prevention through accurate treatment interventions.


Rich Andelin, LCMHC, CSAT, EMDR Trained

Rich has worked closely with Candice at Namasté since 2014. He believes it is possible for our patients to achieve lasting recovery and with consistency and dedication each person can live a whole-hearted life. Rich has trained with the leaders in the sex addiction field and has received on-going consultation from DID/complex trauma expert Anastasia Doulis Pollock. He provides individual and couples therapy to our young adults, adults, partners and couples who have a variety of intimacy issues including sexual/porn addiction, infidelity, relational conflict, newly married issues, premarital issues, substance abuse, grief/loss, and complex trauma to assist them in healing . He also provides therapy for men and women with riskier sexual behavior, heterosexual men who act out sexually with other men, and young adults dealing with problematic socio-sexual issues who are on the Autism Spectrum. Rich has been an integral part of our program development team to ensure our Sexual Recovery Program continues to be cutting edge. Rich facilitates our Tuesday and Thursday evening Men’s Sexual/Relationship Recovery Group for men dealing with sex/love/relationship issues including heterosexual men who have compulsive sex with other men.

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Annie Jacobs, LACMHC, EMDR Trained

Annie is our full time office/clinical coordinator and EMDR trauma therapist. She believes in supporting our patients through their healing journey with kindness and compassion at their own pace is of the utmost importance. studied Holistic therapy and received a Trauma Studies Certificate at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She has a strong background in Internal Family Systems Model and Integrative Healing of complex trauma including suicidal patients. During her graduate program, she studied abroad in Ireland with a clinical focus on survivors of extensive sexual and physical abuse and complex trauma. Annie is currently working on becoming Certified in EMDR and receives regular consultation with DID/complex trauma expert Anastasia Doulis-Pollock, LCMHC in order to ensure her work with complex trauma survivors is exemplary. In May 2019, she will attend an advanced training program for Internal Family Systems Model (IFS). She provides individual, conjoint couples, and group therapy to our patients including therapy with children, pre-teen and teen clients dealing with porn abuse, suicidal ideations, cutting, depression and anxiety. She leads our partner program, and has been the lead facilitator of our 12-Week Mastering the Trauma Wound Workshop and our summer Art Class.


Erin Nichols, MSW, CSW

Erin is a part-time clinician at Namasté Center for Healing. She came highly recommended by researcher and professor Dr. Walker at the University of Utah after receiving her Master’s Degree in Social Work. Prior to coming to Namasté, Erin worked with children, teens and families at Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) as well as at the Department of Corrections providing therapy for men and women who were legally involved. Erin is passionate about bringing restorative justice values into her work as well as utilizing an affirmative CBT framework. She works closely with Candice in her young adult and adult sexual abuse prevention-education-outreach programs by collecting research, providing outreach and crisis intervention, and assisting Candice and Meg in writing wellness and prevention based curriculum. Erin provides therapy for teens, men and women with trauma, attachment issues, mood disorders, learning disabilities, and Autism Spectrum who have a wide range of sexual issues (pornography abuse/addiction, infidelity, legal issues). She and Candice also co-facilitate the weekly Autism and Intimacy Class.