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Individual Therapy

We offer weekly individual therapy for men, women, couples, and teens with trauma, PTSD, Mood Disorders, Autism Spectrum, intimate partner betrayal (adults), sex and pornography addiction (or pornography abuse), other intimacy issues including relational conflict, grief and loss (e.g., from a family death, suicide of a loved one, divorce), substance abuse, and financial disorders.

After doing a thorough assessment to accurately understand your symptomatology, we will determine the best course of treatment for you, your loved one, or your teenager. For teenagers entering therapy, we include parents in the treatment planning process.

Insurance: We are out of network insurance, however, we provide our patients with regular statements and proper insurance coding in order for them to submit for reimbursement. Many of our patients report success in receiving some reimbursement for groups, classes, workshops, intensives, individual and couples therapy. 

GroupS & Classes

We offer affordable weekly groups and classes for men, women, non-binary persons and their partners who are in our sexual/relationship/multiple addiction-aversion recovery program. 

Weekly Men's Sexual/Relationship Recovery Groups: Offered Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for men in Phase 1-2 of our sexual recovery program for sex/porn/love/relationship(affairs)/multiple addiction (substances, money) issues. These are evidence based therapy groups that use Carnes' proven Task-Based Model for sexual recovery. They explore mens cycle of addiction, core beliefs and thinking errors, sexual and relationship boundaries, emotional regulation techniques, healthy interventions, and more. 

On-going Partner Recovery Group: Join Annie as she provides women with coping tools to heal from partner betrayal regarding issues related to: sex, porn addiction, infidelity, narcissistic abuse or other deception and manipulation. Partner groups are on-going and are based on our partners' needs.

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