Starting January 20th, 2018:

The Art of Ecstasy, From Sexual Disconnect to Sexual Bliss

Spring Discount! $249 to watch all 12 recordings! Licensed clinicians: $150 to watch all 12 recordings!

This pre-recorded 12 Session "teach" webinar is for those individuals (singles) or couples, poly, pods, triad etc relationships wanting to improve their experience of sex and intimacy, learn how to harness ecstatic bliss in and out of the bedroom, and experience passion and sensuality in their daily lives. 

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Spring 2018 Groups & Workshops schedule:

Classes include: Facing the Shadows/Recovery Zone, The Art of Ecstasy, Partner Empowered, Gottman Couples Class, Mastering the Trauma Wound, and Refuge Recovery.

Call 801.272.3500 for more details on each class.