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Couples Recovery

Couples therapy can be a delicate journey, one that we ensure couples are ready to partake in. We treat couples for a variety of issues related to intimacy: intimate partner betrayal, substance abuse disorders, libido/sexual issues, parenting/loss/grief, love addiction/avoidance dynamics, and high conflict relationships.  

As Gottman Leaders, we provide couples with essential tools for improving their communication and intimacy. 

Our couples recovery program entails: 

  • Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy: Each person entering treatment for sexual issues needs support. During Phase I of our sexual recovery program, couples are often in crisis and emotions are incredibly volatile. Starting couples therapy before each person has the accurate and adequate support can prove disastrous. Therefore, individual therapy allows each person the safe space to gain plenty of emotional and mental support, along with working together in therapy to heal their relationship when they are ready to begin couples therapy. Stability is Necessary! For couples who ask to begin couples therapy right away but whose relationship is volatile and unstable, we ask that couples begin working on their own issues in individual therapy first, each with one of our expert clinicians. At intake, we assist couples in determining the best fit for their relationship.

  • Addiction Issues: If there is an addiction present, we wait to start couples therapy until each person gains necessary stability and support.

  • Theory/Model/Approach to Couples: Our approach to couples therapy is multi-faceted based on where the couple is at in their relationship. For instance, Gottman Therapy is fantastic for couples who are stable, however, for couples who have a history of abuse, addiction issues, or who have recent or chronic volatility/instability (related to these issues or other issues), other approaches work better in the beginning of couples recovery. We weave in key aspects of Carnes’ Task Based approach (if there are sex/love/relationship addiction issues) to assist couples in learning healthy communication, trust, boundaries, improve sexual and non-sexual intimacy, explore desire, eroticism, connection.

  • An Open Mind: We are open-minded; LGBTQ, polyamorous, triad, pod, omnisexual friendly, and supportive of a variety of sexual issues, values and beliefs, as long as there is not a violation of anyone’s human rights (i.e., domestic abuse, risk to children, harm to anyone against their consent). We acknowledge that every relationship is unique and couples have their own values and belief systems (i.e., some couples may enjoy polyamory, BDSM, Kink, Fetishism, Furry-Phenom). We do our best to meet individuals where they are at with no judgment.


Gottman Couples Weekend: Join Gottman Leaders Candice Christiansen and Chris Kishiyama along with Meg Martinez-Dettamanti on April 26th and 27th at The Grand America Hotel as we teach couples core Gottman concepts for decreasing friction and improving communication, kindness, intimacy, and future long-term goal setting in your relationship! Click here to register! Note: Tuition includes the Gottman Couples Kit (a $75 value); we will be referencing Seven Principles For Making a Marriage Work©2015. 

The Art of Ecstasy Webinar: This beautiful pre-recorded 12-session webinar is for individuals and couples who are either in Phase III of our sexual recovery program or who simply want to improve their experience of sex & intimacy. Individuals or couples may watch this pre-recorded webinar at their leisure in the privacy of their own home. Specific Goals for this class: Identify ways you have been non-sexually and sexually disconnected in your life including how your past and current love & sexual storylines have impacted your beliefs surrounding sex, love, and relationships; explore sensual ways of experiencing self and other nurturing including a new sense of self acceptance, self worth and trust; learn the 4 dimensions of sexuality and the 12 dimensions of courtship, identify ways to consciously harness energy, breath, and sensations to enhance pleasure; learn how to enjoy sex in a way that is intimate & connected where pleasure and ecstasy is longer lasting.

Couples Intensives

Couples intensives are for couples wanting to quickly immerse themselves in the intimacy recovery process. We provide intensives during our disclosure process for couples healing from sex/pornography addiction or infidelity issues as well as for couples who have been living with addiction issues and/or aversions who have a desire to dive deeply into their recovery process (this is often separate from the disclosure intensive). Finally, we offer intensives to couples who want to enhance their intimate and sexual connection using Candice’s Art of Ecstasy Webinar as a guide.

An intensive ranges from four to six hours, a weekend, and can range over a one to two day period.

NOTE: For couples uncertain about whether or not they want to remain in the relationship or married, we ask that they inform their therapists BEFORE scheduling an intensive.

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