“Your intuition about my place on the spectrum was spot-on. I cannot thank you enough for your part in this process as it has led to a persistent level of happiness that I had only dreamed possible for myself.” —Adult male on the Autism Spectrum

Individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder have an array of socio-emotional-sexual challenges which often impact their ability to connect with family, peers, colleagues, and loved ones. Many struggle with pornography use, abuse, or addiction issues as part of their symptomatology and some engage in problematic sexual behavior that at times results in their involvement in the legal system. Family members, partners, colleagues, and clinicians are often stumped with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, largely because they either have a limited understanding of ASD or have limited resources. At Namasté Center For Healing, our clinicians are trained to assess as well as provide accurate educational and habilitative treatment for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Our Founder Candice is an autistic woman and an expert in assessing and treating older teens and adults that have Autism, including those involved in the criminal justice system for sex-related crimes.

Autism and Intimacy Class for Men: Join Candice as she incorporates her curriculum Seeing Rainbows©2019, which is specifically designed to assist men that have Autism in learning how to respond to social and sexual cues, practice setting boundaries instead of walls, recognizing autistic logic, exploring theory of mind and perceptions, learning their cycle of risky or problematic sexual behavior, how to communicate with their partner, loved ones, how deficits in executive function can impact their day to day and the importance of self care and routines, how to stay safe online and in public, identifying faulty thinking (e.g., black and white thinking, rigidity, assumptions, etc), and so much more using a strengths-based CBT framework! This fun, interactive class creates a sense of safety, comfort, confidentially and compassionate support so that men have an easy time learning!